RMS Consulting

About Us

RMS Consulting is an Irish company that specialises is the design and delivery of online Security Industry training programmes for the Security Industry by the Security Industry.  Our aim is to be a global leader and centre of excellence for Security Industry training, training that is essential for all Industries.


RMS Consulting is a new departure for RMS Consulting, the market leader in training provision within the Security Industry in Ireland. Over the last number of years, RMS Consulting has played an active role in raising the  standards of professionalism and skills within the Security Industry and promoting best practice through the delivery of tailor-made and affordable training.  Since our inception in 2006, RMS Consulting have trained more than 8,000 people in over 40 courses certified by Fetac, the Institute of Leadership & Management, the Institute of Commercial Management or Hetac. RMS Consulting is a dominant player in the provision and development of face-to-face training programmes in Ireland.

In 2009, RMS Consulting decided to branch out into the provision of online or blended learning for the Security Industry in Ireland and worldwide. We also decided to target the training needs within other industries that are closely linked to the Security Industry, namely Financial Services and Retail.  With this goal in mind, we established RMS Consulting,a modern training company that combines the cost efficiencies and consistencies of online training with the benefits of workshops and hands-on workplace familiarisation exercises to deliver training that is accredited to industry or national standards.

RMS Consulting are dedicated to providing effective, functional training and education to individual practitioners, firms, associations, and the public. We have made a commitment to offer courses which enhance professionalism while being timely, convenient, and relevant.