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Risk Analysis and the Security Survey

This course has been designed to provide comprehensive training at all levels in security surveying and risk analysis of new and existing assignments.


You will gain in-depth knowledge of how to carry out surveys and will then demonstrate their newly acquired skills by performing a survey on a building as well as producing reports to support their findings and outline their recommendations. You will then produce a set of assignment instructions detailing routines and procedures using the details recorded on their reports.

Who Will Benefit?
Area/Regional Managers, Sales/Marketing Managers and Security Consultants who will play an active role in the negotiating and agreeing of security contracts.

Course Content
You are advised to spend time working with Managers experienced in this field and to involve themselves in this area of work prior to attending the course.

Bespoke Theory
This section of the course covers the theory behind risk assessment and the surveying of a site. It contains the following subjects:
• Identifying risk factors
• Defining sectors of risk
• Managing the risk
• Controlling risks

On completion of the bespoke training, you will be expected to carry out a basic security survey and compile a report outlining findings and proposals. Using the information gathered from the practical survey exercise, you will then be required to produce a comprehensive set of assignment instructions. Both the surveyor’s report and the assignment instructions will be assessed by the course tutor and will be the deciding factor in deeming you are competent to perform such a role.

Course Price

per individual.

If you require this training for larger numbers of employees please contact us directly for a quote.