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Searching Principles & Practice

This unit concerning "Searching Principles & Practice" is competency based and you will be required to prove that competency to earn your certificate.


“Competence” means that you are able to carry out the tasks relating to the certificate units (also called competencies) correctly and to the required standard almost without exception.



The aim of this unit is to introduce learners to search procedures.



When you have completed this unit you will be able to:

  1. List the reasons for searching premises;
  2. State ‘Conditions of Entry’ and the importance of obtaining permission to search;
  3. Explain the differences between General, Random and Specific searches, and how to search people and property;
  4. Define what is meant by ‘an Offensive Weapon’;
  5. Describe the procedure for recording articles seized during searches and what actions you should take.


Course Price

per individual.

If you require this training for larger numbers of employees please contact us directly for a quote.