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RMS Consulting offers partner opportunities to resell its on-line courses and Internet learning management platform. Our distribution partners vary widely by size and core business, but all share the benefits of providing their clients with top-quality, certified, affordable online training.† We are always on the look out for enterprising partners. Thatís why we offer you a variety of methods for redistributing our quality courses so you can find the best option to fit their needs and quickly generate additional revenue streams for your business.

Web Promotion Partners

Web Promotion Partners sell RMS Consulting courses directly from their own site, either with the aid of promotional materials supplied by RMS Consulting, or by using their own web interface. The partner is left to handle all the business-to-business sales transactions, administration of customer logins and pricing, while RMS Consulting supplies the courses and technical support the ensure your system is setup correctly and you can quickly start generating revenues from the sale of our quality courses.

Link Partners

Link partners offer RMS Consulting courses by posting a link on their blog, website or newsletter. RMS Consulting handles the ecommerce, customer administration and the customer support while the link partner earns a percentage from all sales made through individual clicking on this link and purchasing a RMS Consulting course.

Quantity Purchase Partners

The Quantity Purchase Program allows our partners to buy large bundles of course or series licenses at a greatly discounted price and then redistribute them to their customers.† Partners benefit for increased margins by committing to purchasing our courses in bulk and then marketing these courses through the distribution channels they have access to.

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